Digipack provide a solution to everyone.

The combination of a quality digital print, that does not require costly investment in origination and limit you to the same print at a fix minimum per order, together with our capabilities to provide a bag or a reel in any size at very small quantities, makes us suitable for any business and for any purpose.

With Digipack – Everything is possible. We are open to any idea. o if you have an initiative, an idea, a thought or a project, you are invited to contact us. We will match a flexible package to your product. You can brand any bag, preform trails, and introduce a new product to the market with no limitation of artworks and changes.

We can print with our HP INDIGO 20,000 up to 740mm.

Digipack can offer a wide range of pouch sizes. The pouch is designed especially to your needs.

There are many structures and possibilities.

We work with a wide range of materials: Polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE), Aluminum (AL), white or brown paper, coated polyester (PET PVDC) and more.

Our team will assist you with choosing the best structure for your application and your packing machine. Our team will attend the production run at your premises to support should it be needed or if a need for change or improvement is required.

Contact us for consultation.

The most visible advantage is the remarkable quality of print. Digital printing actually saves you a lot of money due to the print technology. There is no need to invest in origination or in making changes to existing artwork. Graphics can be changes instantly. Digital printing opens the printing world for new capabilities; changing artwork, multi SKU’s and changeable text. Digipack allow you to innovate constantly and freshen up your packaging with every print.

We at Digipack encourage our customers to be part of the process. We invite you to our factory for a visit, in which we will present our capabilities and plan together your next project .

For enquiries
Call us at 972-8-6829848 or email us
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