Doy bags

Doy bags (Stand up pouch) is a bag with a bottom gusset that allows to the bag to stand along on the shelf. Our pouches are tailor made specifically to your needs which makes it a leading product within the flexible packaging field.
All of our bags are printed in a high-quality digital print (HP INDIGO 20,000 machine) with no additional cost for originations.


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Our Benefits

Our Doy bags (Stand up pouch) are suitable packing solution for everything. You can pack anything form rice to electronic device. From organic products to gifts for your customers. The bags are suitable for manual packaging or automatic and semi-automatic machines. Adding of zipper can provide you with reclosing option, as well as hanging hole. All bags are printed in a high-quality digital print (HP INDIGO 20,000) with no extra charges for originations. The bags are suitable for food, seeds, dry fruits, powders and flour. For cosmetic products, toys and electronic device.

What is it made of?

Doy bags (Stand up pouches) are made of wide variety of materials and structures.

We can offer clear structures based on PET + PE in a wide range of thicknesses .

Aluminum-based structures. The aluminum is the barrier layer that protects the freshness of the packed product. This structure is mostly suitable for product sensitivity to moisture and light.

Paper based structure. Digipack can provide surface print white or brown paper structure, laminated to aluminum or polyethylene. All bags can be offered with zipper for re closable option and hanging hole.

There is a wide range of materials and options. Contact us and we can suggest the most appropriate structure for you.

The size does matter!

Digipack can produce wide range of doy bags (stand up pouches) in wide size options. The pouch is designed especially to your needs.

All bags are printed on digital HP indigo 20,000 with no extra costs for originations and with no commitment for repetitive orders. Our graphics department will be happy to help you with pre-press arrangement and any professional advice.

Give yourself the possibility to launch a product with your own brand. It is easy to prepare a personalized bag for dedicated or a specific event or product with special text or changeable artwork. Digipack offers the perfect combination of high quality pouch with a perfect digital print. small quantities at a very fast lead time.

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