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Digipack was founded in 2018

Company profile

The founders of the company worked many years in the field of flexible packaging in traditional companies. Years of experience, gave them a clear view over the market trends and needs. They could identify that the market is advancing towards short runs, personal branding and innovation.

For that reason, and with a strong support of HP INDIGO, the first flexible packaging company based on innovative digital equipment, was established. Digipack’s philosophy focused on short multi graphics run as a process from start to end.

Based on that philosophy, Digipack obtained the following machines:

  • Digital printing machine (20000) 760mm Width that is suitable for printing all type of laminates , with no need to manufacture plates of cylinders for printing.
  • Dedicated laminator for short run based on heat lamination ( no adhesives, no solvents and no curing time is needed).
  • Slitter and pouching machine that are dedicated for short run.

The company’s visionis to provide flexible packaging products to manufacturers who initially trying to establish their products and markets. As well as, ongoing projects of small run, promotion, market penetration etc. together with providing technological and personal support at a considerable short lead time.

Digipack’s final product is one of the following options:

Printed sheets on polyester, BOPP, paper and more.

Laminated sheets in a reel format for automatic packaging machines.

Bags – Doy pack (Stand up pouches), pillow (flat Pouch).

As part of the company’s concept of multiple graphical changes, we offer to our customers the support of our packaging designer specialist from idea to product.

The Green World:

Digpack is focused on this field and believes that a greener world is better. Our advantages are as follows:

  • Waste rate of digital print is estimated to be 25% less than the traditional equipment.
  • Production processes does not require inks /adhesives based on solvents.
  • Energy consumption for manufacturing processes are about 25% less than the traditional processes.

Customer Experience:

Digipack believes that customers should enjoy the packaging process making and therefore:

  • We have a dedicated designer who meets our customers ‘ needs.
  • We encourage our customers to be part of the process and be presence at the initial printing process and make improvement online.
  • We create collaborations among our clients.

Digipack is located in the industrial zone of Sderot, Israel.

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